Defining a Digital Marketing Goal

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Fantastic! You’ve been doing very great at putting your company out to the world. You’ve excelled at making your voice heard, and you’ve succeeded in winning a spot on the Internet.

Now, look into your organization and determine what all that has helped you achieve. And by achievement I don’t just tell me “increased sales” or “our company is growing”. Give specific, measurable goal that your marketing has achieved. If you’re struggling to give that answer, then you’ve not set a clear direction for your marketing.

Marketing, especially digital marketing, can quickly become clueless –  you suddenly have no idea what it is you’re doing. Often, companies carry out digital marketing because “every business has to be online,” and not because they have a specific goal to achieve with it. If you’ve fallen into this vicious cycle, you might need to take a step back.

Two Main Goals of Digital Marketing

If you’re just starting out with digital marketing or you’re already into it, you need to identify what success will mean for your marketing. The following are goals which you may aim to achieve with Digital Marketing in form of Content Marketing:

  1. Attracting new customers: Usually, this is the goal of most marketing campaigns – you want to gain new customers for your products and increase revenue.

While it may seem very clear, this goal may go fuzzy when you get into the process of marketing. Getting into the routine of posting contents, promoting products, and running ads can make you lose the sense of what you’re trying to achieve in the long run.

Your marketing, like most other companies, then turns out to be nothing but frequent pop-ups on social media sites that have no clear end to them.

So, how do you ensure that your goal of attracting new customers is kept alive? You do that by tracking progress.

Take note of the period your marketing campaign has been running, and then map out how many new customers you’ve attracted within that time. Tracking your progress gives a clear sense of whether your marketing strategy is working or not and you can adjust accordingly.

  • Engage preexisting customers: Perhaps you’ve been doing very bad at making use of your social media audience, and you want to reawaken your presence. If that’s the case, this goal is the one you’re aiming for.

Establishing your business online is more than just having a million followers, it’s more about having a community of active membership.

Many businesses like bragging about the number of followers they have. Often, they are deluded by Digital Marketing companies that make them believe that more followers will automatically transform into more profit. The truth is, that’s not true!

If your online audience do not engage with your posts; if they do not identify themselves with your products; if they do not anticipate your weekly/daily posts; then your marketing may be pointless.

To reignite the passion that led your customers to you in the first place, you might want to make  customer engagement your marketing goal. This means your content is made up of prompts for your audience to respond, the reasons why you should still remain relevant to them, and the need for them to be drawn to you.

Without attaining the loyalty of preexisting customers, your new customers will turn back after first purchase.

Check up!

Now that you know the two main goals of Digital Marketing, determine the one you’re investing in, then focus on achieving that goal. Ensure you document what success will mean for you and how much you want to achieve after certain periods. Have a good time marketing!


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