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Founded in 2020

A fully digital company focused on getting more businesses online and getting YOU to your customers using digital technology.

Our Team

We are writing our story...

There's no force more powerful of being a part of a team.

Just like in superhero movies, heroes come together to save the day. Alone they can barely even survive and if they can they'd be almost dead. Same with our team, we all come together with our unique strengths to save and uplift your business or brand.

Founder/Team Lead

Murtadore Olajobi

With over 8 years of selling things, from origami products to stationery and tech products, I’ve learned to enjoy the marketing process and the psychology behind why people buy. Now I’m taking marketing digital, since that’s where we at now. It’s the 21st Century and every business should be online!

When I’m not working, I love talking about tech, business, human and culture with my favorite people. I occasionally love listening to podcasts, watching movies with lessons and researching stuff.

I’m motivated for life-long learning.

Head of Content

Al-ameen Abolare

I am a young Nigerian from Kwara State, with an Electrical/Electronics Engineering Degree from University of Lagos.

When I’m not working, I’m working (funny), life and work for me is the same; when I need to chill out, I write, I think, I speak, I play, and I read.

I am a Man United fan. I envision a world where the vast majority of people are empowered to make purposive choices for them to thrive.

Williams Begusa

Lead Social Media Strategist

My name is Williams , I’m a student of the University of Lagos, I enjoy programming, social interactions, watching movies and playing videogames, also like airsoft.

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